Activated Clays

High quality bleaching earth products designed for the absorption, decolourization and purification of oils and fats, hydrocarbons, waxes and other intermediate products

Brand Name: ACTZORB

ACTZORB products are produced by modification of high quality bentonite and attapulgite clays to optimize cost / performance across a wide range of mineral, vegetable and animal oil applications.

Oils treated include:

  • CPO
  • Canola
  • Soybean
  • Cotton seed
  • Sunflower
  • Rice brand
  • Fish oil
  • Beef tallow
  • Various mineral oil applications

Physico-Chemical Properties of Bleaching Earth

Properties Main reaction / effect
Acidic Hydrolysis of oil & impurities
Catalytic Isomerisation and polymerization of oil breakdown of impurities
Ion-exchange Removal of soap, heavy metals, phosphates, chlorophyll
Adsorption Removal of colour bodies, phosphates and other impurities

Product Range

Product Description Surface Area m²/g Pore Volume ml/g
ACTZORB 100 Series Attapulgite based (powder) 120 – 250 0.12 – 0.30
ACTZORB 200 Series Bentonite based (powder) 320 – 340 0.38 – 0.45
ACTZORB 300 series Bentonite based (granules) 320 – 340 0.38 – 0.45

Customer Support

  • Optimisation of Bleaching Earth Performance to suit Customer needs
  • Bleaching Erath Transportation and Storage recommendations

Marketing & Technical Support

Marketing and Technical Support is provided by Advanced Clay Technologies Ltd.