Acid Clay Catalysts

Brand Name: XYLACT™︎

Designed for selective Olefin removal from BTX, XYLACT™︎ is the most efficient clay catalyst in the market for the selective removal of olefins from Benzene/Toluene and Heavy Reformate (mainly Xylenes). Other grades of XYLACT™︎ are available for removal of organic N compounds (NFM, NMP) from Benzene feeds used in zeolite-based processes for Ethylbenzene, Cumene and Phenol.

  • Granular Acid Catalysts used by the Worlds Petrochemical Refining industry in the BTX aromatic chain
  • XYLACT™︎ is developed for adsorption in fixed bed reactors
  • XYLACT™︎ uses renewable energy sources in manufacturing process

Product Range

Product Application Typical Life Cycle
XYLACT™︎ 88 High C9 + Aromatics (BI > 800) 4 – 8 months
Benzene, Toluene from Solvent Extraction, mixed BTX 12 – 24 months
Mixed Xylenes 5 – 12 months
N-Removal from Benzine
XYLACT™︎ 44 Xylene Isomerisation Recycle 24 – 28 months

Customer Support

  • Optimization of Clay Treater Performance
  • Instruction on Handling and Storage of ACTAL Clay Catalysts
  • Storage of Clay after Loading to Vessel

Marketing & Technical Support

Marketing and Technical Support is provided by Advanced Clay Technologies Ltd.