Welcome to Advanced Clay Technologies Ltd

Advanced Clay Technologies Ltd provides specialized global sales/marketing and technical support for a range of specialty absorbents and additive products derived from naturally occurring and synthetic minerals.

Our range includes the products below, but for a full list please refer to the Product menu at the top of the page.

Acid Clay Catalysts: XYLACT™

Designed for Olefin removal from BTX. XYLACT™ 20X is the most efficient clay catalyst in the market for the selective removal of olefins from Benzene/Toluene and Heavy Reformate (mainly Xylenes). Other grades of XYLACT™ are available for selective removal of N from Benzene feeds used in zeolite based processes for Ethylbenzene. Cumene and Phenol.

Activated and Natural Clays: MANEK

Designed for color removal and absorption of impurities in vegetable, mineral and animal oils and waxes.  The MANEK product range incorporates carefully selected bentonite and attapulgite clays activated to produce high performance products.

Jet Fuel Clay: CPJET

Designed for treatment of Jet Fuel in Mericat & Merox Process. The CPJET product is now in widespread use following approved by Merichem.

CPJET 100 (30/60mesh) is available for use in UOP Jet Fuel Process.

CPJET100B (16/30mesh) is available for use in Merichem Jet Fuel Process.